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Sunday, April 11, 2010

.: whose me :.

hye bloggie..

ouh yaaa suda manyak juge i post n stowi di blogger i neh..but i forget sumthink to share..hikhik..its about "WHOSE ME" real name is TENGKU MARNI SYAHIRAH BT TUAN MUHAMAD...but all ma family call me SYA..n some of ma fwen call me MARNI @ SYAHIERA...they's also call me TENGKU..

i'm just a simple person..nothing special bout me..i can be fwen wif anybody who wanna b ma fwen but not "special fwen" i mean to be ur GF,SCANDAL..oppsss sowi..i dun like to be like that...wanna knoe y?? cuz i'm in relationship wif ma lubly hubby AHMAD BAZILIN BIN AHMAD KHASHIM..we're have been together for 5years..SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH

i rely dun like people "talam dua muke"..hate this kind of people..erkk..sowi dear..."boley jalan la" was born on 28th july 1989 @ kelantan darul naim..

stdying at SK TAMAN MALURI (primary skul) SMK YAACOK LATIF (secondary skul ) n PTPL COLLEGE (diploma in information technology)

erkkk i think enough la...hukhuk..
p/s : i neh kuat majuk xpecially wif ma B :P


eLyZa™ said...

ooo koje kat ORIX Factoring ek? keje bhg apa sya?

..: syahiera bazilin :.. said...

nope laaa..ORIX CREDIT..sish elyza taw kew?

sya wat collection jewk..hehehehe