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Monday, December 6, 2010

.: tag by SARAH :.

hey helow..

da lame i ta kena tag n men tag2 di blogger neh..
n just now i di"tag" oleh SARAH
thnx ya sudi tag i..hehehehe..

okeh lets start (@_@)

"once you've been tagged you're supposed to write a note
with 25 random things, fact or goal about you.
at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
you have to tag the person who tagged you.
If i tagged you, its because I want to know about you."

  1. sya name panggilan bg yg rapat ngan i expecialy ma family n hubby
  3. cepat touching
  4. kuat merajuk "hakhak"
  5. cepat marah
  6. shuke jenjalan
  7. like window shopping
  8. shuke manje2 ngan ehem2
  9. 42kg..kuwusnyeee
  10. 162cm..tinggi kew??lalalala
  11. kuat bebel
  12. shuke mende santek2..
  13. bantal mushup kesyg "POOH" from hubby
  14. shuke suh hubby melikan sumthink
  15. shuke simpan benda2 santek :)
  16. agak kedekut na kongsi wif adik if benda tu i shayunk
  17. shuke berangan2
  18. kekadang PEMALAS "ish2"
  19. shuke bergambar "tp ta pandai sgt na pose2"
  20. mencik "SI GETIX"
  21. <3>
  22. like ma baby E
  23. da adew HARTA sndr :D
  24. shuke berkawan
  25. n the most important TAKEN BY AHMAD BAZILIN *ALMOST 6 YEARS*
heyyy kamoo di TAG ^_^

* siap gak akhirnye..puas mencarik sapew yg na di TAG hehehe *
* nama2 yg di TAG adew tue some of ma fwen but the others i just TAG ajewk
mengikut list2 blogger yg i POLOW hehehe..jgn mare *

.: important message for every WOMAN :.

today just to share wif all of u n expecially to every WOMAN...
this message important for every WOMAN
who goes to work,college or schoOl ALONE..

if u find a child crying on the road, showing u his/her
address n asking u to bring him/her there is
better to take him/her to the police station..
no matter what u do, DON'T go to that address
cuz this is the new way for gang members to

* share it for our safety *