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Saturday, April 17, 2010

.: keep silent for a while :.

dear all

mood in fb tagged ms blogger ym Hp 4 a while..need to think wat da besh for ma life..dear Ahmad Bazilin thnx for evryting for wat have u done to me..thnx cuz luv me n accept me in ur life..wish u always hepi wif anything u wanna do..thnx cuz make me hepi n cheer me :((((( wanna go far2 all please forgive me
expecially to tatak Syuhada Khashim..please forgive me

* i'll keep in silent does'nt mean i am a loser..but
i'll keep in silent to find some peace.. *

* dear ma hubby AHMAD BAZILIN i'll always lub u no matter wat happen *