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Sunday, January 16, 2011

.: excited :.


y eh entry i neh title : excited?? taw kew?? ngeheee....jeng jeng jeng...
mmg ar i excited kan...
the day da na sampai..wink2.. ^_-

na taw apew?? heee neng0k bawah neh..

* h0mepage ma hubby @ FB *

* h0mepage i @ FB * suda taw kan napew i excited..
tiap kali kami 0n fb msg2
mesty akan
nmpk reminder tue.. :P

the day is c0ming~~

tis year genap 6 years 0ur relati0nship


Anonymous said...

weewiiitt.. !! 6tahun tu...leh naik pelamin dah ni sayang ui~! :D
congrat sya.. i love youu

..: syahiera bazilin :.. said...

heeee..thnx iena.. lurve u2