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Sunday, October 3, 2010

.: have fun today :.

hye peeps..

just simple update cuz i'm very tired + not enuf sleeping..hohoho..but will update later n mayb upload a few pic @ PD today :)

dunno how to say it but rely2 have fun today..thnx to ma hubby AHMAD BAZILIN cuz make me happy today.. :) ahakz... *menunaikan hajat ayg* ngeheeee :D

hahaha..act today me n ma hubby n kengkawan B g PD..shonok jugep..ber"BBQ" gitu..paling shonok dpt gak neh BANANA tue.. :)

snap2..thnx la to potograper kami yg SETIA hukhuk...emm maw stowi manyak2 pong i sgtsgt nantok..update later okeyhhh...neh pong sbb na gtaw yg mmg i sgtsgtsgt shonok larhhh...

tadaaaaa..maw titow skunk..zzzZZZzzzZZ..mmg sgtsgt nantok n ponat...