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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

.: hard for me :.

ermmmm..wat to say ya...erkkk act its bout ma problema wif HER..sowi not easy for me to forgive u..yaaa i knoe "sedangkan nabi ampunkan umatkan inikan pule kite sesame manusia.." its hard for me to say "i forgive u" hope u knoe y..

mayb its easier for me to forgive u if u not lying n tell me the truth from the beginning...from the 1st tyme we knoe each other...but u?? arghhh...y all this must happen to me n y me???? maybe one day i'll forgive u n dun worry..i just need tyme to think it..

watever happen i dun mind n take it as a challenge..i believe "adew hikmah disebalik sume neh" i'm sure if u at ma place u'll do the same thing..

~ remember it ~

p/s : all that happen rely hurt me n its hard for me to forget it..
hope u can understood me..